Antenatal Masterclasses facilitated

by Birth Doula Louise Prince

The most important thing to me is that you look forward to the birth of your baby positively, feeling empowered, prepared and knowledgeable.


Whether that's a water birth, home birth, hospital birth, c-section, induction - Any birth is your birth, your body, your baby, your choice and I'm your expert backing you up.

I work holistically, meaning I treat you as a whole person, so it's what you need, not one size fits all. I have built flexibility into these classes. I only offer holistic care, not medical advice. A range of subjects that I am passionate about in pregnancy and for birth. 

Top tip videos, masterclasses and workshops


Walk Through Labour Workshop

Up to 3 hours £60 Just you with or without your birth partner via Zoom.

Walk through Labour with your Birth Doula. One to One live direct to your living room.  Record the session to reference and practise, you’ll get access to the course notes, join in with me or just watch, there’s no pressure to do any or all. Couples welcome. I Walk you through positions and what and why they're good for each stage, breathing at each stage of labour - it must change as you progress. Pain relief at each stage of labour (natural and medical), when to use different types of relief, how to use them to your advantage and how they’ll get you through labour. Any questions throughout are welcome. 

My top tips as a birth doula

Short, instructional videos. £10.00 each. Buy One Get One Half Price.


  • How to get a comfortable night's sleep

  • Calming Reflexology for anxiety, worry and boosting well-being- the basics

  • Overdue/postdates Reflexology to encourage a natural onset of labour. 

  • Optimal fetal positioning. How you can encourage baby into the best birth position.

  • 4 breathing techniques for labour. Join me in learning these effective breathing techniques.

  • Labour positions. What they are and what they do for your during labour. i.e. relieving back labour, helping baby descend etc.

  • TENS machine What is it and how do you use it effectively in labour to be a good form of pain relief.

Masterclasses and Workshops

We made a good birth team!.jpg

1 hour with me from my living room live and direct to your living room. 
£40 per individual workshop. Book 2 save £10. Book 4 Save £15.

  • Pregnancy massage at home. Massage techniques your partner can do for you. I demonstrate and walk them through the massage techniques.  

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain. Holistic care to keep calm and carry on (From me, who had it – baaad).

  • Water birth. Using water in labour in hospital and at home. When to use water in labour and is it safe? 

  • Medical Induction. Information to make it less scary if you do decid to have an induction, or its the only course for you, plus natural alternatives to encourage labour from 37 weeks gestation.  

  • Natural Ways to Encourage Labour Alternative therapies, myths and legends! How, why and what might help push you into a spontaneous labour.

  • Writing your Birth Preference Plan Individual to you, home, hospital, water, no pain relief, ALL the pain relief, Cesarean etc. I'll give you options you might want to look into and we'll make it easy for birth partners and midwives to read quickly.  

  • Homebirth. How to set up your birthing space, what to expect, things you might not know, what to get ready and all things you want to know about birthing at home. With or without your children present. 
    Post birth: Also available

  • Ask me a question... What do you want to know? Devise your questions and we have an hour to answer them. No medical advice will be given. 

  • The golden hour after birth and other tips for feeding and changing a newborn wiggly thing!

  • Introducing massage to your newborn.

  • Bathing Baby: I talk you through holding and calming baby during a bath. 

  • 4 Holds for calming your baby.

  • 1:1 Winding workshop and more!

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