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This is for you during the first few days and weeks post birth,

for optimum health &  happiness for your family.


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Early Days Postnatal Support

(option 1)


Dedicated time for you

across 2 weeks

What’s included? Support via phone, or WhatsApp for Listening, Referrals, Signposting, Support.


*In the 2 weeks following your baby's birth, you can phone, WhatsApp or email me if you have a question or need a listener. I'll offer support and a shoulder, I'll refer you to further experts and medical care where necessary. 

*Your Questions Answered. 1 hour Zoom call/ home visit (when allowed after social distancing ends)
Prepare a list of all your questions and I'll answer them to the best of my ability as a mother, Doula and Nursery Nurse.

*Babes WhatsApp group.

*Monthly Afternoon Tea social.

When it starts? Starts the day you have your baby. You have support with me for 2 weeks.

What’s in it for me? Peace of mind and increased confidence, someone holding your hand for any of those wobbly moments on the first days with your new baby, giving hints, tips, hacks and support with your tiny person. 

Louise Prince




9 weeks of content including 9 sessions of baby massage and parenting hacks

What’s included? ​Nine weeks of parenting information and newborn baby massage classes (virtual for now)

*Parent and Newborn course. This is 4 weeks of 2 hours sessions. More info on:

*Developmental Baby Massage and Movement course.  This is five weeks of 2 hour sessions. More info:

*Masterclass – Your first week as a parent Up to 3 hours on Zoom. (individual value £80) 
To support this session you also get short videos and support notes. 

Topics to include in this are:

  • The Golden Hour after birth 

  • 5 ways of holding your baby – 

  • Changing your Baby. What to include in a changing bag 

  • Dressing and undressing a tiny person made easier.

  • How to help baby have a happier bath

  • The basics of breastfeeding questions answered. How often, how much, how do I know baby is getting enough? What do I do if I need more help? 


*Babes WhatsApp group


*Monthly Afternoon Tea social (Zoom currently)

When it starts? Anytime from birth to 2 months old. Second course when your baby is 2-6 months old, join Louise for a group.

What’s in it for me? 

Learn effective winding techniques, tips for feeding, changing nappies, undressing baby, holding your baby among other subjects. Learn how to massage and relax your baby at your own pace.

Louise Prince

Pelvis & Posture

mum & Baby 


(option 3)


Mummy Essential Exercises start from first week to 8 months 

What’s included?   1:1 sessions via zoom to start you off as soon as possible after birth. Lots of support on regaining pelvic balance and I start straight away with your posture; whilst feeding, sitting, standing and rest time. C-section's or other complicated births will  focus much more on subtle moves and breathing to aid recovery. Posture and supportive rest time is equally as important.


*After 6 weeks you can join the zoom Pelvis & Posture classes and YogaBabes for mother &  child ( starting off in the park).

*Babes WhatsApp group


*Monthly Afternoon Tea social

*When it starts? Pelvic floor care and posture is best started in the first week. Through virtual support this is now possible.  You will be given M.E.E Mummy Essential Exercises to get you on your way, to be done little and often throughout your day when you are with your baby. 

*What’s in it for me? 

Your mind and body recovery must be a priority during first weeks after birth. 

It is essential that you pay attention to your posture and pelvis  avoid long term issues that can  affect you the rest of your life. ​ During the first 6 weeks postural habits can really interfere with the the tummy muscles coming back together. There are so many little things that can make such a big difference with your body. Start as you mean to go on. What you learn about your Posture and Pelvis stays with you  for life!

Tara Crist


full post-natal mother and baby

(all 3 options)


From first weeks to 6 months 

What’s included?

*Early Days Postnatal Support package option 1


*New parent and baby massage package option 2


*Posture & Pelvic + Mother &  Baby Yoga option 3


*Discounted Optional extra Support


*Babes WhatsApp group


*Monthly Afternoon Tea

When it starts? Best started in the first weeks. Through virtual support this is now possible.  Running up to 6 months

What’s in it for me? Peace of mind and increased confidence with your newborn from day one, ensuring that you are taking the best possible care of mum and babe, recovering your pelvis with beneficial effects for the rest of your life, and ensuring the best possible physical and mental development of your baby with our massage and yoga

Louise Prince

Tara Crist


The Details


Early Days Postnatal Support  
Early days phone/virtual support is provided by me, Louise. I am a qualified nursery nurse, birth doula, prenatal and postnatal therapist, baby massage instructor and mother of 2 plus a husband! I wish this was available for me when I had my first. I needed to tell someone about the whole experience, the high or the low! I needed someone on MY side, so thats what I plan to provide for you.

Share with me your feelings, trauma, highs, challenges and sleeplessness of it all, I am here to listen – and give you helpful direction where appropriate or wanted. You are most certainly NOT on your own. If you have your baby early or had a traumatic birth, please reach out, I am here to help, and it is my pleasure. How does it work? well, once booked, keep in touch around your baby's birth so I know when to expect to be available for you, Then text ahead to book a time in the near future or same day if its more urgent. I'll be available to chat with you 9.30am – 10pm 7 days a week. For the types of hand outs and blogs of informaiton you'll get, see the subjects below:

Parenting support, hacks, tips etc

Don’t worry we are respectful of your time to read them; they’ll be available for you to dip in when you’re ready.  Subjects like:

- Holistic tips and hacks for parents immediately after birth.

- Introducing massage to your newborn

- Winding your baby effectively

- Five Calming holds for baby

- Tummy time and why it’s important

One to one home visit

A lot of parents worry about how to hold their baby when bathing them and have many questions. One to one visit with Louise (Zoom for now) choosing subjects including things like holding, bathing, dressing/undressing, changing for example.

A lot of parents worry about how to hold their baby when bathing them and have many questions about how to ‘top and tail’ when to bath, how to bath, how to ensure baby is warm etc. Louise is a qualified Nursery Nurse and is used to bathing new-born’s. In this walk-through Louise will help you prepare your space, top and tail, bath and dry your baby with little tips that will make all the difference to both your experiences. Its recommended around day 20 is ideal for your baby’s first bath, but if you don’t want to wait that long, or you want the information but don’t want to do it alongside Louise, you can record the demo and watch it back at your leisure.

Baby Massage This is all about your baby’s development through massage and movement. We also include tips and massage for winding, umbilical hernia, preference of head on one side or tummy gripes. Much more info and benefits on my website

Pelvis & Posture  Course One to one zoom call and short videos and handouts to give you the information you need at this time.Restoring your core and tummy muscles encourages you to start your postpartum movements and breathing techniques as soon as possible, to aid recovery even if you have had a C-section. Your pelvis needs your immediate attention and there are quite few things you will want to include in your day and those you want to avoid. M.E.E Mummy Essential Exercises are a super way to start looking after yourself and can be practiced throughout the day at the same time as caring for your baby and during those mini breaks. 

Yoga Babes  - Mum &  Baby Postnatal Yoga From 6-8 weeks Post birth YogaBabes  begins, which many mothers and babies enjoy all the way to the crawling phrase. The focus during the class switches from mother to child. Even if the baby is asleep during the class you will be given postnatal exercises that are essential to your pelvic and spinal health and lots of tips on posture. The moves for the baby are great for their development, and they love the combination of the rhymes and movement. 

Babes Mums What’sApp group Support & friendship at the touch of a button.  Lots of postnatal mums in the same boat with Louise and Tara available in the group to give our professional support for those more evidence based questions.

If you are a stay at home dad, carer or grandparent, we have a Parent’s & Carers WhatsApp group you can join instead, just let us know.

Monthly Afternoon Tea. This is held at Louise’s house in Maidenhead, once a month. There is a lovely welcoming, large space in which you are welcome to.

Feeding your baby is welcome, bottle, formula or breast is all equally supported, encouraged and accepted. There is no judgement here. You can use the toilet too! I don’t have any changing facilities here, but you’re welcome to change in a quieter corner. Dont worry if you've not mastered feeding your baby yet, we were ALL been learners once and will give your space or help out.

This is purely sociable, so it’s a relaxed, fun environment you can meet other mums, share and swap contact in your own time. There’s no agenda so topics are organic.  
If you’re shy, please don’t worry! I was painfully shy as a new mum, so I’d like to think I know that walking into a room of people I don’t know is petrifying! That’s why its in a homely environment and I will introduce you around and look after you. If you have any nappies or small baby equipment in nearly new or new condition and you wish to offer it to other mums, please bring it with you.  

There is off-street car-parking available. 

Louise provides this opportunity because she cares, so please be respectful to her space and what she does for her job. We respectfully request that you don’t share other classes that compete with Bumps to Babes.

Optional extras

Additional to the packages, Louise and Tara offer, these treatments/consultations. As a Bumps to Babes customer you have a preferential rate:

- Breastfeeding cafe with a professional breastfeeding counsellor (Maidenhead or Zoom) £30 Private visits £70

- Winding your baby consultation with Louise – normally £70. Discounted to £60

- Closing Bones massages with Louise – normally £100 for 4, discounted to £95 for 4. 

- Massage for mums -  15% off your first massage and 5% thereafter until baby is 6 months old.

- Reflexology for mums 15% off your first postnatal treatment and 5% thereafter until baby is 6 months old.

- Gel and artistic nails with nail artist – Gel polish only £10! Gel polish

Terms and conditions of booking - coming soon

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