Hypnobirthing with Joanna

Relaxing hypnobirthing with midwife Joanna Williamson from Over the Moon Birthing

Hypnobirthing is antenatal education with a twist.  The core aim is to change your mindset through self-hypnosis and other relaxation and visualisation techniques to help you view birth more positively.  We have all been exposed to negative birth stories through friends and family as well as the media.  Hypnobirthing helps you rid yourself of the fears and apprehension these stories leave us with, helping you remain calm and positive in pregnancy, labour and birth.  Being calm and positive in turn enables us to minimise the stress hormone adrenaline and maximise our oxytocin and endorphine levels, helping our bodies to labour well in maximum comfort.

Please contact Joanna on 07973 478794 or overthemoonbirthing@outlook.com or fill in the form below to sign up or register your interest.  More information available at www.overthemoonbirthing.co.uk

Options for You

All currently provided on Zoom

Spring Hypnobirthing Positivity Centre J

Full Hypnobirthing Course

This full birth preparation course for couples runs over 10 hours and is recommended if you have not done an antenatal course before.  It is important for birth partners to attend as they will help you use the techniques in labour and act as your spokesperson.  I teach the KG Hypnobirthing syllabus and both group and one-to-one courses are available.

One-to-one course on Zoom - £350 per couple

Group course on Zoom - £200 per couple


Shorter Bespoke Course

These shorter one-to-one courses would benefit you and your partner if you already had a good knowledge of labour, for example, if you were doing another antenatal course or were having your second/third/fourth baby.  There is an emphasis on learning the hypnobirthing techniques and discussing your options with your health team.

One-to-one 3-hour course - £120 per couple

One-to-one 5 hour course - £180 per couple

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Weekly Relaxing Hypnobirthing

Weekly relaxing hypnobirthing sessions for you and your partner (optional but preferable).  Every session with include a new learning theme in addition to going over hypnobirthing techniques to ensure you feel confident in these techniques and super relaxed by the end of the session (baby too!).  These sessions are not only to prepare you for labour and birth - they are to help destress and instil a sense of calm in pregnancy, which is so important for baby's development.

Learning themes include the hormones of labour, the mechanism of labour (how baby travels down), optimal foetal positioning, the birth environment, breathing techniques, pain relief options, induction of labour, perineal massage/care, birth of the placenta, making decisions about your care using the BRAINS technique, and more...

£55 per month for a weekly 1-hour group session plus extra time for introductions and questions.

Sessions are held on Zoom.

Contact Joanna

07973 478794

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