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At Bumps to Babes, our friendly, knowledgeable team will make sure you feel comfortable and well-informed every step of the way.

Tara Crist

Being calm and relaxed during pregnancy and parenthood is one of the great gifts that a regular yoga practice brings. Most of my training was during  a  four-year stay in Aruba collaborating  with an osteopath, yoga teachers and midwives to create a holistic birthing programme that continues to this day. Soon after returning to the UK,  I supported local midwife and antenatal yoga teacher Vanessa Hodge until late 2019 when she retired from teaching.  My YogaBabes classes have been very popular over the past 10 years , supporting hundreds of new mums with their own pelvic floor health and 'yoga play' with babies. Since corvid I have added 'Pelvis & Posture'  and Breathwork classes to further support woman pre & postpartum. I have even included  Paddleboarding as  a great postnatal workout.  Family AcroYoga is one of my other favourite classes to teach, allowing me  to follow a child literally from Bumps to big babes!

Louise Prince

A passion for informed decisions, Louise uses her complementary therapies and professional pregnancy birth and baby knowledge to support your mind and body and baby.

I'm a mum of two primary children, a nursery nurse and a holistic therapist.  I treat each person as an individual.  I offer reflexology, massage, rebozo, birth preparation antenatal masterclasses and massage classes for your baby.  The ladies I see in pregnancy generally look to improve sleep and decrease headaches, back and shoulder aches.  They are looking for alternative methods that are gentle to encourage baby into the best position, especially if they're breech or transverse laying across the womb, or they're 37 weeks and high in the pelvis still and need to drop down. 
Encouraging a spontaneous labour is a reason many come for foot reflexology. a gentle but effective method to encourage a labour before medical inductions are looming.
I run masterclasses in birth preparation facilitated through my birth Doula knowledge and experience since 2005. Positioning, breathing, waterbirth and homebirth are the most popular ones. 
Once baby is born I support your body with reflexology, massage and I teach baby massage courses. Again, more masterclasses in effective winding for babies up to the age of 10 weeks. 
Public courses run online and in person. and these are planned throughout the year, bookable through my website 

Joanna Williamson

Your pregnancy and birth experience is one that you will not forget and I want to help you, your partner and baby to have a positive, calm and empowering one.  I believe that preparing yourself physically, mentally and emotionally during your pregnancy gives you the readiness, skills and confidence to embrace your birth.


I trained as a midwife in 2011-2014 after years working in international development in rural Argentina, the Thail-Burmese border and North and South Sudan.   Whilst a midwife at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington and pregnant with my son, I trained to become a hypnobirthing teacher with Katharine Graves of KG Hypnobirthing.  I had witnessed on the labour wards how empowered couples trained in hypnobirthing were and my own hypnobirthing birth experience made me all the more sure that I wanted to teach it myself, enabling more couples to have a positive birth experience.  Over the Moon Birthing was born early last year and I have been since teaching one-to-one and group courses, both in person and online.  I also work part-time as a community midwife.

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