Pregnancy Yoga with Tara

Every Monday 7-8.30pm

Pregnancy Yoga  prepares you mentally and physically for all eventualities of birth.  Yoga helps with adapting your mind-set for your ever-changing body and helps you thrive through the trimesters.  My  classes are designed to positively support you to be more calm and relaxed through pregnancy and the various stages of labour, by using gentle rhythmic moves and breathing.  The breath is the primal source of energy, focus and clarity. By starting these classes as early as possible during your pregnancy ,the breathing, posture and movements become part of you and are a great preparation for motherhood, where you will need plenty of patience, strength and confidence.

This relaxing informative 'live' class needs n0 yoga experience or level of fitness.



  • Pelvis preparation to cope with your extra weight and enable you to open for birth.

  • Circulation is improved to reduce swelling and feelings of heaviness.

  • Confidence increases with weekly repetition of moves for labour.

  • Relaxation is essential throughout your pregnancy to reduce stress and tension in your back, neck and shoulders, and for a more relaxed baby.

  • Perfect posture for sitting, standing, lying and labour.

Q & A with our birthing experts  starts once we have introduced ourselves and then is followed by with an hour of gentle antenatal yoga, breathwork and relaxation.  Everything experienced in class is recommended for you to be able to practise throughout your day and to be used for an active labour.  

Learning how to calm yourself down throughout your day is the most important step to master throughout pregnancy.  Too much adrenaline plays havoc with your baby's nervous system and inhibits labour.


The Pregnancy yoga monthly subscription includes Pelvis & Posture  and Breathwork classes and a WhatsApp support group with Midwife & doula. .

First class for free  £44 a month 

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